Talambuhay Ni Dating Pangulong Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Talambuhay Ni Dating Pangulong Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

These suggested that women were subconsciously rejecting the foetus and making themselves sick. As a result, appalling treatments such as preventing access to related page and vomit bowls where suggested. Women were prevented from seeing loved ones and deliberately left talambuhay ni dating pangulong gloria macapagal arroyo isolation. The truth about hyperemesis gravidarum - the condition is not psychological and thankfully this has been thoroughly proven with plenty of research. It does however have a profound psychological impact on the sufferer due to the prolonged, severe symptoms, extreme isolation, lack of understanding and support from others, the stress of financial burden and the constant fear of complications.

The psychological impact is further compounded by the cruel suggestions that it is self induced. Where it stems from - as mentioned above, about of pregnant women will suffer normal pregnancy sickness and for the vast majority of them symptoms will be over by weeks. The truth about hyperemesis gravidarum - to say hg will be over by weeks is like telling someone with a broken leg that it will be better in a couple of days. It not a sprained ankle, and hyperemesis is not a bit of morning sickness.

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But who wants to eat anything when you know that within minutes you will be so ill that you can do almost nothing. I spent many nights sleeping on my bathroom floor because I felt too weak to go back and forth from my bed to the toilet to throw up. The doctor finally saw a talambuhay ni dating pangulong gloria macapagal arroyo of what I was going through as I threw up almost non stop for hours in the delivery room. But my nightmare with hg didn end with delivery because I was still ill for a couple weeks my company but to add to it my maternity insurance wouldn cover any of my extra costs because hg isn considered a complication of pregnancy.

I had to get an ultrasound every week after weeks to make sure of growth, and I also had to be hospitalized twice because of dehydration, but I had to pay out of pocket for all of it. Awesome letter!. It so upsteting that this is not well acknowledged by others, mostly out of ignorance. I got about days off in month and was almost in tears because I was so happy for the relief. Well, it returned with fury in month and I wound up losing my job for missing days and spending too much time in the bathroom when I did get the strength to go in. I didn know what to tell my boss, as my doctor told me vomiting your brains out was just morning sickness I felt so ashamed.

Could I just not explanation regular morning sickness that women had been dealing with since the dawn of time. Was I fit for this, or is there something wrong with me.

Not until a friend told me that vomiting times a day was not normal, did I find out what was going on. I mentioned in my last post I not eligible for the mad award category of best pregnancy blog because I haven been pregnant in the last twelve months. Thank goodness as if I had I wouldn have been able to raise so much awareness about hyperemesis gravidarum. I wouldn have been able to wizz up to manchester from cornwall to appear on bbc breakfast news to talk about the condition, I wouldn have been able to write articles for numerous magazines, health care journals and blogs.

I wouldn have been able to give radio interviews explanation talked at the healthcare professional conference I helped organise or host the volunteer conference last summer. I wouldn have been able to grow the support network for sufferers and increased the social my blog presence of hyperemesis gravidarum on numerous feeds and blogs.

I wouldn talambuhay ni dating pangulong gloria macapagal arroyo been able to raise thousands of pounds for the charity supporting the condition or been able to attend the royal college of midwives conference to raise awareness. I wouldn have been able to support all the women I have personally supported through their pregnancies or written care plans for them.

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