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You looked over him and saw the exact same smile on his face, only he had teeth. He grabbed her immediately and planted the biggest kiss in her cheek.

To be fair, most people won maximize the photo or see who tagged, unless they really wanted to know your relationship status, or if they were wondering why it not your girlfriend in the photo which your so seems worried about. Not that it justifies her reaction, but if I saw any of my fb friend default photo and a girl was kissing their cheek, I would immediately assume it was their so. Everyone talking about the jealousy aspect, and I agree with most of what being said. I just want to say there a possibility that it not just her not wanting you to have another girl kissing you in your profile pic. She might feel bad that she wasn there for your birthday and your profile pic reminds her that she wasn there.

It also a kind of silly reason to get upset, but we can always help the way we feel. Just be understanding, if she makes too big of an issue about it you might have to end things, but as of now it be premature to pull the kill switch. I don think her reasoning is too out there. People that see your picture that aren family or aren verrrrry close friends of the family are likely to assume it someone you seeing unless they hover over the tags out of curiosity. Have you ever had a profile picture of the two of you. That could also be why it might bother her. I say acknowledge that she uncomfortable about it, let her know the reasons why you put it as your profile picture you look good in it, it was a recent celebration about you etc.

Ask her if she really against the picture to the point she wants you to take it down and then maybe suggest let her know the two of you can take a nice picture together in the future and change it to that. While this is a bit of a red flag see if you can dig deeper into why this makes her uncomfortable. I only say this because I grew up in a family where we did not touch each other. We didn hug, we didn kiss each other on the cheek, we didn casually throw an arm around each other sitting on the couch, nothing.

And when I first started dating my now husband I was extremely uncomfortable by all the casual touching his family did a swat on the shoulder, linking arms while walking up stairs, throwing their feet in each others laps while sitting on the couch. I thought for sure I was in some kind of weird incest y place. I kept talking to my friends saying is this normal. Yes. So I guess what I saying is talk to her before immediately running for the hills. However, if she just doesn want it to appear you spend time with any other woman, including family, yeah.

The way you presenting the story does make her appear to be very selfish and insecure. She not used to the bond you have with your sister, since she wouldn understand that, because she an only child. Please don tell her that she overreacting when you think she does, because this will hurt her and only make things worse between you guys. She doesn have any sibling so she doesn understand the intimacy between you and your siblings. It unknown to her and what is unknown doesn feel safe. If I were you, I would have placed myself in her and try to understand things from her perspective.

After that, I would try to talk with her by first stating the things from her perspective and say that you understand her feelings. When you done with that, explain your perspective. That she just your sister, your blood and flesh etc etc. Make her feel calm about the fact that you are never going to be intimate with your sister, tell your girlfriend that you love her and by reading this story, I think that you guys are not facebook official. I ensure you that if you change that relationship update with her, she will feel muuuchh more at ease about your profile picture and will trust you more.

This has nothing to do with not understanding the intimacy between him and his sister. Well then she told me she noticed I had changed my profile pic, and started telling me how the new picture made her upset and uncomfortable. I told her I didn understand, she said she didn want a picture of another girl kissing me. I told her its just my sister, that insane to even think that, she said she knows but other people who see the picture might not know.

She said that other people who see the picture might think its another girl or maybe even a new girlfriend. This is entirely about insecurity and jealousy. Idk why so many people in this thread are making it about their brother sister relationship. She cares more about what other random people will think than your own opinion on your own fb picture. I don think this is a reason in and of itself to breakup, but she needs to back down.

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